EEPI Internet Privacy Policy

No personally-identifiable information is collected by this site unless provided explicitly by a user. The lists of names and/or e-mail addresses provided by users to join e-mail forums/discussion lists at this site are used only for the operation and maintenance of these forums/discussion lists. Web forms will be used only for the specific purposes described with these forms, and input on these forms is considered private, unless the form data is specifically for submitting information for public viewing (e.g. forums/discussion list message input), or if the user has specified otherwise.

Messages sent via e-mail to the public submission addresses for forums/discussion lists at this site are assumed to be for possible public distribution unless the sender indicates otherwise. Such messages distributed publicly may also be made available in archives related to those forums/discussion lists, and will normally include the sender's name and e-mail address as provided in their e-mail header.

First-party (local server) cookies are generated and used by the Web servers at this site only for user login and status/control functions in support of Web-based discussion boards, blogs, and mailing list operations. No third-party (non-local server) cookies are generated nor used by any servers at this site at any time.

The standard Web, ftp, and other information servers at this site, like all other Web, ftp, and other servers, create local log file entries containing connection-related technical data, but no personally-identifiable information not provided explicitly by the user. The data entries in these logs are used only for server and network operation and maintenance, and are considered to be private.

All data and information described above as private will not be provided or released to outside entities except as required to deal with individual cases of system abuse or as required by law.

These Web sites and all other provided Internet materials are general audience in nature and are not directed at children. The wording of this policy is subject to being updated from time to time. If you'd like to be notified of such updates, please send a note with your request to: . Any questions concerning these policies can also be addressed to: .

Thank you.

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