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[ EEPI-Discuss ] Re: Direct Download of Movies Currently Falling Flat

      Analysts also warned that, although technology companies are using
      movie downloads to promote everything including iPods and Web
      search, consumers haven't shown a willingness to shell out cash to
      watch feature films on their computer screens.

Not to mention:

- pricing often at or higher than DVD prices
- lower quality versions
- only play on Windows machines
- you can't lend it out like a DVD
- fewer features (e.g., deleted scenes)
- lots of DRM (specifics vary among services, but I haven't
seen any where I am even willing to install the player)

A lot of people (including me) think that Apple's offering is more of
a "placeholder" than a real service.

"The customers keep asking for bananas, so why do my attempts to sell
them kumquats fail?"

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