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[ EEPI-Discuss ] Direct Download of Movies Currently Falling Flat


   Reflecting filmmakers' growing hopes for Internet distribution,
   Shapiro and his partner decided to go direct to download after they
   were unable to find an attractive deal for theatrical release.

   "Faced with the choice of going the traditional route, which we
   thought was onerous, we decided, 'Let's roll the dice on this one,'
   " said Shapiro, a longtime film and TV producer.

   But a high-profile direct-to-download experiment on Google Video
   fizzled early this year, when the indie film "Waterborne" sold only
   a few hundred copies despite heavy promotion.

   Analysts also warned that, although technology companies are using
   movie downloads to promote everything including iPods and Web
   search, consumers haven't shown a willingness to shell out cash to
   watch feature films on their computer screens.



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