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[ EEPI-Discuss ] Theater Owners Want to Jam Cell Phones

Greetings.  Word is out that the National Association of Theater Owners
wants the FCC to allow the jamming of cell phones in movie theaters.
See for example: http://www.mobiledia.com/news/41645.html 

As you can imagine, the cellular phone industry is rather negative
toward this idea -- as should be anyone who has their priorities

Such jammers are already available illicitly in the U.S., and some
establishments have supposedly already been experimenting with them,
figuring that patrons would just assume poor inside coverage.

But can you *imagine* the liability issues that would arise in
emergency contact situations if purposeful jamming were taking
place, even assuming that the jamming didn't spill out into other

Frankly, the probability of the FCC going along with this idea is,
uh, something of a long shot.  Yes, people who insist on using cell
phones or other obtrusive devices in theaters are a pain.  But so
are loud talkers, seats and floors covered with bubble gum and
spilled popcorn, and of course lousy movies.  

The fact that the theater association is even trotting out the idea
of blanket jamming suggests desperation in the extreme.  

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