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[ EEPI-Discuss ] Sony CD DRM Blow-Up Continues -- Recalls Ordered, Lawsuits Possible

[  Note that in addition to the other problems, the copy protection
   software in question also apparently tried to establish surreptitious
   Internet connections with Sony-related servers!

   What's really remarkable about this is that any competent outside
   analysis in advance of the deployment would have raised a dozen
   different red flags.

   I am in general quite sympathetic to concerns about music and film
   piracy, but this kind of "shoot self in foot" action by Sony does
   nothing but hurt the industries' own best interests.

   The record labels' and studios' managements need to invite in
   some *straight talkers* regarding these technical issues -- for
   high-level consultations, ASAP.

                                  -- Lauren ]


   The global music giant Sony BMG yesterday announced plans to recall
   millions of CD's by at least 20 artists - from the crooners Celine
   Dion and Neil Diamond to the country-rock act Van Zant - because
   they contain copy restriction software that poses risks to the
   computers of consumers.


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