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[ EEPI-Discuss ] Robot Armies in the P2P Wars


   Although Val Thomas and Jed McCaleb have never met, their careers
   have been locked in a hostile embrace for much of the last two years.

   From his office in Midtown Manhattan, Thomas commands a virtual
   army of more than 4 million simulated humans that fed a steady
   diet of fake songs, films and other digital goods to unsuspecting
   downloaders. One of his prime targets has been the eDonkey
   file-sharing network, a hotbed of online piracy.

   Just a few miles away in Lower Manhattan, Jed McCaleb and his
   colleagues at MetaMachine Inc. defended eDonkey against attack,
   making it a more efficient and reliable file-sharing tool. In
   effect, they created markets that were hard for Thomas' cyber
   army to overrun.


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