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[ EEPI-Discuss ] HDTV: Don't get burned!

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From: David Farber 
Subject: [IP] HDMI (HDCP) for HDTV don't get burned! 1080p sets ship
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 16:50:09 -0400
To: Ip Ip 

From: Peter Bachman 
Date: July 31, 2005 11:01:05 PM EDT
To: dave@farber.net
Subject: HDMI (HDCP) for HDTV don't get burned! 1080p sets ship
Reply-To: Peter Bachman 


(and fellow IP'ers)

There's been some talk about HDMI digital video connections on the list.

If you are planning on buying a new TV soon and are confused by the
various labels on what will work with your HDTV cable box, (f you
still use one), or just hooking up directly with no box to the cable
company via CableCard, then you may want to look for the "Digital
Cable Ready" label. These started appearing about a year ago in
stores with a DCR logo. It is about your choice to use a set top box
or not.

It is also some degree of assurance that your future
purchase will meet current standards for digital television.

A television thus labeled will come with an HDMI (HDCP enabled)
digital connector that is required if you want to display "digital"
information from your cable box when the data is encrypted between
cable box and television. A set that does not have HDCP, but does
have DVI or HDMI won't work. DVI is also used for computer monitors,
not always with HDCP.

There are also "analog" high definition connections that will still
be compatible for some time, known as "component video". That's the
three connectors, red, green and blue. What is currently
controversial is that the new upcoming DVD formats may require
digital connectors to pass the HD and above quality DVD signals. Thus
an HDMI connector with HDCP is your safest bet to be able to hook up
with the high definition DVD formats that will be introduced in the
near future.

"This digital television is capable of receiving analog basic,
digital basic and digital premium cable television programming by
direct connection to a cable system providing such programming. A
security card provided by your cable operator is required to view
encrypted digital programming. Certain advanced and interactive
digital cable services such as video-on-demand, a cable operator's
enhanced program guide and data-enhanced television services may
require the use of a set- top box. For more information call your
local cable operator."

The whole can be read at the following link.


Note that certain DVD players that will operate in the new 1080p
format this Fall or later, (above current current HDTVquality) may
enforce "downrezzing" the signal,( i.e. reducing thequality of the
signal to the current level obtained with your current progressive
scan DVD player) if you do not use the supported HDMI connectors and
cables. Televisions are now available that support 1080p but the DVD
players will be arriving in two different formats, like Beta and VHS
started out.




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